Corporate Cooking Classes In Queens, NY

Grow Your Team

Grow Your Team

Discover the art of bonding through the joy of food in Queens, NY.

Elevate your team's cohesion with our exceptional corporate cooking classes. Unlock the power of collaboration in the kitchen, fostering camaraderie while relishing a flavor-packed adventure.

Forge cherished memories as you learn, laugh, and create together. It's time to infuse the workplace with the positivity and unity that cooking brings.

Culinary Team Building

Culinary Team Building

Experience the synergy of teamwork and culinary creativity through our tailored corporate cooking classes. Ideal for various entities including:

  • Large corporations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Startups
  • Mid-sized teams

Within our intimate small group sessions (up to 15 individuals), we'll focus on fostering collaboration, deepening connections, and embarking on a global journey of flavors.

Contact us to curate an event for a larger gathering or to bring the expertise of Chefs Raina and Gautam to your location!

Customize your team building class

How it Works

  • Reach Out

    Reach Out

    Experience the essence of our exclusive cooking classes,
    individually curated to meet your requirements.

    Select from our array of pre-designed culinary delights for your team to master, or connect with us to craft a personalized menu tailored to your preferences.

  • Come hungry

    Come hungry

    Ensure your team arrives at our opulent NYC kitchen with an eager palate.

    After settling in, we'll treat them to light snacks, and then it's time to delve into acquiring a new culinary skill.

  • Grow together

    Grow together

    Unite your team in collaborative efforts,
    explore novel flavors, and savor an authentic encounter.

    Our corporate cooking classes offer an ideal avenue for teams seeking to expand their perspectives and embrace a fresh
    outlook on their journey.

Team Building Options

From a single dish to a full-blown culinary experience, our corporate cooking classes
are tailored to your team’s needs.

Pan Asian & International Dishes

Indian food

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Customized Culinary Journeys

Empower your team's growth within an engaging and distinctive setting guided by Did You Khado’s married chefs.

Visit our Queens establishment or arrange a private event at your chosen venue.
Select from our curated menus or fashion an authentic vegetarian culinary voyage tailored to your preferences.

Let's nurture your team, acquire fresh skills, and create unforgettable memories in the process.